ProLogis Releases New Supply Chain Research Report

- Paper Features Insights and Commentary from Logistics Experts at Nike and NCR -

DENVER, March 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ProLogis (NYSE: PLD), the world's largest owner, manager and developer of distribution facilities, announced today it has released the latest edition of the ProLogis Supply Chain Review entitled, "Navigating Today's Supply Chain Challenges."

The report features detailed insights and commentary from supply-chain executives at two Fortune 500 companies: John Mascaritolo, director of global logistics at NCR Corp., a global technology company; and Maithili Shenoy, director of supply chain strategy and development at Nike Corporation. The report is derived from a panel discussion at the 2006 Supply Chain World Conference.

"Both Nike and NCR are among the world's best companies at managing supply chains efficiently and effectively in a global environment," said Leonard Sahling, ProLogis first vice president of global research. "John Mascaritolo and Maithili Shenoy each have a unique vantage on the world of logistics today, and on the trade-offs and challenges corporations face as they source products and deliver them to customers."

    Specific issues discussed in the report include:

    -- Unforeseen logistics costs that result from shipping delays, missed
       delivery dates and slow inventory turns;

    -- The challenges of moving product in developing countries with
       inadequate transportation infrastructure;

    -- Complex foreign trade processes, including volatile duty rates and
       taxes, frequent regulatory changes and product reclassifications;

    -- A compression in cost advantages associated with offshore
       manufacturing; and,

    -- Building speed, responsiveness and adaptability into supply chains in
       the face of growing product proliferation.

ProLogis' Global Research Department monitors, analyzes and reports on key trends and dynamics in both real estate and supply-chain management, drawing from industry data and primary research conducted by company analysts and a network of affiliated academics and other professionals. Past issues of the Supply Chain Review have focused on freight transportation and shipping, warehouse voice recognition systems, RFID technology, offshore outsourcing and other related topics.

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ProLogis is the world's largest owner, manager and developer of distribution facilities, with operations in 80 markets across North America, Europe and Asia. The company has $26.7 billion of assets owned, managed and under development, comprising 422 million square feet (39.2 million square meters) in 2,466 properties as of December 31, 2006. ProLogis' customers include manufacturers, retailers, transportation companies, third-party logistics providers and other enterprises with large-scale distribution needs. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, ProLogis employs more than 1,250 people worldwide.

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