ProLogis Research Group Releases New Report on Gauging the Energy Efficiency of European Warehouses

AMSTERDAM, June 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ProLogis (NYSE: PLD), a leading global provider of distribution facilities, announced today the release of a new research report, entitled "Sustainability Measured: Gauging the Energy Efficiency of European Warehouses."

The report observes that European legislative initiatives continue to drive change toward the use of sustainable properties with smaller carbon footprints. It discusses in particular the European Union (EU)'s directive 2002/91/EC, which requires each property owner to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), indicating how the building's energy performance compares with minimum compliance standards established by the EU's directive.  

"'Green' buildings are coming to be regarded as a best practice within the supply chain industry, and thus within Europe's logistics property sectors," commented Leonard Sahling, first vice president of the ProLogis Research Group. "While up to now legislation has driven change for more sustainable properties, occupiers are now able to understand the real benefits of choosing 'green,' and it is this knowledge that will fuel change in the decision matrix going forward."

The report suggests that, in years to come, companies operating in Europe will use building EPC ratings to guide them in choosing the most energy efficient buildings and also in managing their carbon footprints. It also points out that the potential cost savings created through sustainable building features can be substantial, amounting in one example to as much as 230,000 pounds Sterling to 335,000 pounds a year in the UK.  

The report was authored by Simon Cox, vice president of project management and sustainability officer for ProLogis in the UK, and Lisa Graham, vice president of European research for ProLogis.

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