ProLogis Research Group Releases New Report on Impact of Higher Fuel Costs on Distribution Markets

DENVER, June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ProLogis (NYSE: PLD), a leading global provider of distribution facilities, announced today the release of a new research report, titled "How Will Higher Fuel Costs Impact the US Warehouse/Distribution Markets?"

The report examines the many ways in which companies are adapting their supply chains and distribution networks in response to rising oil and fuel prices.  

"In general, companies will respond to the higher fuel prices by expanding their distribution networks to include additional distribution centers, but it remains to be seen just how big the impact will be," explained Leonard Sahling, first vice president of the ProLogis Research Group. "On balance, property owners will indeed benefit from the run-up in oil and fuel prices, but not until the unfolding economic recovery has shifted into higher gear."

Detailed findings in the report include the following:

    --  When companies add extra facilities to their distribution networks, they
        are able to shorten the average distance traveled by outbound shipments
        to final destinations, thus economizing on freight-miles and fuel
    --  These transportation cost savings are obtained at the expense of higher
        operating costs and higher inventory holding costs. In some cases, these
        inefficiencies will outweigh the transportation cost savings, prompting
        companies to refrain from making any changes to their distribution
    --  Some companies will find that adding one or more freight-pooling
        facility to their networks will be highly advantageous. These extra
        links in the distribution network will enable companies to ship more
        freight as full truckloads or full containers, leading to substantial
        cost savings;
    --  Higher oil prices will also unleash new trends in freight transport that
        will aim to improve the fuel-efficiency of the transportation network.

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